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Winter weather advice

During the winter weather can be unpredictable. Please drive safe and we well.

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(Buddha's Great Miracles day): Tsog offering

Event (Buddha's Great Miracles day): Tsog offering

Date: Saturday, Feb, 24th 2024

Time: 6pm

On full moon day of 1st lunar month  is celebrated as Great Miracles day. On this Buddha perform great miracles and all merits accumulated on this…

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Event: Zamling Chizang (World Purification day ceremony 2023


Event: World purification day celebration (Zamling Chisang) with smoke offering, installing new prayer flags. 

Date: Monday, July 3rd at 10am

Location: Gaden KhachoeShing. 2150 East Dolan road. Bloomington. IN 47408

All are request to come on clean or tradtional dress.  Khata for offering. Thank you!

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