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For visitor logding: Here is list of the Hotels near monastery. We had made special rate arrangement for the events with Hotel listed below.  Please call Hotel directly to make your reservation and mention you are coming to Gaden KhachoeShing Monastery

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Zamling Chizang (World purification day) celebration: Smoke offering,…

Event: Smoke offering prayers and installing new prayers flags and Invocation of Dharmapala

Date: Sunday, July 7th 2024

Time: 10am

Location: Gaden KhachoeShing monastery, 2150 E Dolan road, Bloomington. IN

All are request to come in clean dress (Traditional) and…

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Ven. Lama Zasep Rinpoche Teaching Schedule for Saka Dawa (Vesak) from May, 20th - June 4th 2023

5/20/2023 - 6/4/2023

Gaden KhachoeShing Monastery is very honored to announce Venerable Lama Zasep Rinpoche will offer an Empowerment and Commentary on Guhyasamaja practice, a highest yoga tantra (anuttarayoga) class practice during holist Buddhist month of the Saka Dawa (Vesak).

On the full of moon day of this month, Buddha Shakyamuni was born, Attained Enlightenment and Parinirvana on same day in different years.

The Great Master Lama Je Tonsgkhapa praised Guhyasamaja as “the ultimate of all the Buddha’s teachings,” revealing the path to realizing the union of bliss (objectless compassion) and emptiness (impermanence). The root of all other tantric practices, Guhyasamaja provides instruction on how to transform our minds to the higher state of enlightenment.

When we have the motivation to free all beings from suffering (bodhicitta), this unsurpassable practice shows the way to eliminate the mental afflictions of the three poison – ignorant, attachment, and hatred. Guhyasamaja presents a method of using this human body to overcome the gross levels of ordinary consciousness to cultivate the subtle state of our minds.

Ven. Lama Zasep Rinpoche Biography

Ven. Lama Zasep Rinpoche, a highly realized and internationally respected teacher of Gelugpa Buddhism, was born in Tibet in the province of Kham in 1948. Since 1976 he has taught western Dharma students in Australia, Canada, and the United States and has developed Dharma centers in each of these countries. Ven. Rinpoche regularly visits these centers and offers extensive teachings, initiations and retreats which his many students enthusiastically attend. In 1999, Ven. Rinpoche and his students created the Gaden for the West umbrella organization to more effectively support and nourish the study of Gelugpa Tibetan.

Prerequisite: Received LamRim teachings before the Empowerment

Commitments: Refuge, Bodhisattva, and Tantric vows; daily Six Session Guru Yoga practice (if possible, the long version is prefered, but the short will meet this requirement); and Guru Samaya.

Teachings Schedules: Date and Time

Event: Guhyasamaja Empowerment (Preliminary day) *

Date/Time: Saturday, May 20th at 2 PM

Event: Guhyasamaja Empowerment (Actual day)

Please note: To receive the Empowerment, one must participate both days.

Date/Time: Sunday, May 21 at 2 PM

Event: Commentary on Guhyasamaja practice

Date: Monday, May 22 - Saturday, May 27th

Daily times: 10 AM - 12 PM (Lunch break) 2 - 5 PM

Day Seven: Sunday, May 28th Time: 10 - 1PM

Reference book: The Essence of the Ocean of Attainments: The Creation stages of the Guhyasamaja Tantra by Panchen Losang Choekyi Gyaltsen.

Tenshug preparation day: Saturday, June 3

Tenshug (Long life ceremony) Saka Dawa (Vesak) full moon day.
Date: Sunday, June 4th Time: 10 AM - 1 PM (Lunch is offered)

Location for all events:
Gaden KhachoeShing Monstery
2150 E Dolan Road
Bloomington, Indiana 47408
Phone: 812-334-3456

In keeping with the Buddhist tradition that all teachings and meals are offered free of charge. Donation are welcome to Support the teachings.

During the teachings, There will be an opportunity to make offerings (Dana) of tea, meals, or sponsoring a teaching in honor of some one or yourself.

Please let us know, If you have any questions about this or the events, please email or Call (812) 272-5314

For Ven. Rinpoche's Cincinnati event:  Please check:

Cost: Free

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