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Winter weather advice

During the winter weather can be unpredictable. Please drive safe and we well.

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(Buddha's Great Miracles day): Tsog offering

Event (Buddha's Great Miracles day): Tsog offering

Date: Saturday, Feb, 24th 2024

Time: 6pm

On full moon day of 1st lunar month  is celebrated as Great Miracles day. On this Buddha perform great miracles and all merits accumulated on this…

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Monastery Project

The new monastery will be built in the ancient style of Buddhist monasteries, with a main assembly hall, small temples, and residences. Just like in Tibet and other Buddhist countries, the architecture of these buildings is intended to embody the wisdom teachings of Buddha. Doors, windows, rooftops and rooms have their own symbolic meanings. The buildings themselves will enable visitors to step into these sacred teachings.

Recognizing our interdependence on other beings and our natural environment, the buildings will use all available means to be in harmonious balance. The monastery will unite traditional monastic architectural principles with modern environmental building standards. This creates a powerful blend of ancient wisdom and modern knowledge to provide the spiritual and material conditions necessary to support the transmission of this precious lineage.

The buildings will be constructed in phases:

Phase 1 (Completed): The first phase was completed with the installation of water, electric and phone lines.

Phase 2 (Completed): The second phase will begin with the construction of the main assembly hall. This will include:

  • The main hall: The main hall (gompa) will house the main altar and function as the primary place of worship where members of the monastery community will convene to meditate and participate in teachings, initiations and special ceremonies.
  • Protector temple: In Buddhism, protector temples are built to honor the protectors of Buddha’s teachings. Protectors help remove inner and outer obstacles to create the conditions necessary to cultivate love, compassion and wisdom. At Gaden Khachoe Shing, this temple will be devoted to the great Dorje Shugden, protector of the Gaden lineage of Buddhism.
  • Vajrayogini temple: Vajrayogini is especially important in these times and because of her very close connection to Gaden Khachoe Shing, a special temple will be devoted to her.

Phase 3 (Future Project): The final phase of construction will include construction of ancillary buildings and exterior spaces:

  • Ancillary Buildings: A residence hall for the monastic community will include living quarters for the abbot, visiting teachers, monks and nuns. Another residence hall for lay students will be built. A kitchen, dining hall, classrooms, offices, monastery store and other spaces necessary to support monastic life will be added.
  •  Exterior Spaces: A courtyard for traditional debate will be constructed. The property will be landscaped with flower and vegetable gardens, using native plants and trees, as needed.